Family Planning National Training Centers

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The Putting the QFP into Practice Training Series, offered through the Family Planning National Training Centers, consists of training opportunities that will help you put the QFP recommendations into practice. Each session of the series focuses on a different aspect of the QFP recommendations.

The topics include:

#1 How to Begin - Determining the Client's Need for Services

This session includes an overview of the Clinical Pathway and provides concrete examples to help begin the conversation to determine the specific need for services among women, men and young people of reproductive age.

#2 Integrating Reproductive Life Planning (RLP) into Your Family Planning Session

It provides strategies to help your clients think through their reproductive life plan, including sample questions to ask during a visit and strategies to help clients create a reproductive life plan.

#3 Achieving Pregnancy: Assessment, Counseling and Education

This session includes key messages for counseling women and men to better understand their fertility and to maximize their ability to achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

#4 STD Services in the Family Planning Setting—Assessment, Counseling and Education

This session outlines the steps for conducting a comprehensive sexual health assessment, along with strategies for providing quality client-centered counseling and education to help clients reduce their risk for STDs, including HIV.