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The FPCInsider is the quarterly e-newsletter of the Family Planning Council of Iowa. It provides news and information about FPCI projects and sponsored events. The Insider also features a variety of articles about the issues that impact family planning and reproductive health services in Iowa.

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FPCI Insider April 3, 2019

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2017 IMPACT Report

FPCI Annual Report

Publications available through the Family Planning Council of Iowa

For information about ordering publications, please contact us at (515) 288-9028 or fpci@fpcouncil.com

Facts about Birth Control

This is a tri-fold brochure that lists all of the available methods of birth control in table format. It describes the method, how it is used, effectiveness, possible side effects and warnings, and whether or not a prescription/exam is needed for it. This publication is available for purchase and can be customized with your agency's logo, name and address.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

This is a tri-fold brochure that lists all of the identified STDs, their symptoms, how they are diagnosed, how they are treated, and possible complications from not treating them. This publication is available for purchase and can be customized with your agency's logo, name and address. 

Patient Flip Chart on HPV 

This flip chart was created for use in clinic exam rooms to educate patients about HPV and the HPV vaccine. There are a limited number of hard copies available upon request through FPCI however electronic versions are available for download, clinics may print and distribute these flip charts as needed. To order hard copies please contact the Family Planning Council of Iowa at (515) 288-9028 or fpci@fpcouncil.com.

Male HPV Brochure
After many requests for educational materials specific to male patients the HPV Vaccination Project created a male HPV brochure. This brochure is postcard size to easily fit in a pocket or book bag. The brochure focuses on general HPV information as well as specifics about the HPV vaccine available for boys and men. There are a limited number left to distribute free of charge, once those are gone more can be ordered by contacing the Family Planning Council of Iowa at 515-288-9028 or fpci@fpcouncil.com.  

These publications are available free of charge and may be downloaded in PDF using Acrobat Reader*:

Movie Talk - Using Movies to Help Parents Talk to Their Kids about Important Issues

This booklet summarizes current movies on video/DVD and includes discussion questions to help adults and young people start conversations about a variety of important issues.

Young Fathers - What's It All About? The Rights and Responsibilities of Young Fathers in Iowa

This booklet deals with many of the questions asked by young Iowa fathers. It addresses issues of custody, visitation, adoption, losing your parental rights, and much more.

The Gift No Man Wants to Get....or Give: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This brochure offers a preventive message written specifically for men. It talks about how to be responsible in a sexual relationship. It does not describe the different STDs.

Avoiding the Big "Uh-oh!": Guys Do Make a Difference in Family Planning

This is a tri-fold pamphlet that discussed male involvement/responsibility in family planning.