Community-Based Screening Services

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One of the causes of infertility in women is a sexually transmitted disease known as Chlamydia. This infection affects millions of American teens and adults. Very often women who may be infected with Chlamydia show no symptoms, but the infection is working to damage the reproductive organs.

The Iowa Community-Based Screening Services (CBSS) program is part of a CDC sponsored national effort whose main purpose is to implement prevention strategies to reduce the complications, especially infertility, caused by Chlamydia. This is a joint effort by STD programs and family planning programs to identify people with Chlamydia and treat them and their partners. The screening and testing are done in 70 sites across the state including family planning and STD clinics, student health departments, correctional facilities, and other women’s health centers. The Iowa Department of Public Health provides the treatment medications for those clients testing positive along with their partners.

The program targets young women because one in ten women, ages 15-25, tested positive for Chlamydia in sample studies. Also, the complications associated with women are more costly, and by screening women, partners can be tested and treated as well.

Because of budget restraints, not all healthcare providers can be part of the project. However, part of the overall goal of CBSS is to educate the general health community about the importance of screening and testing for Chlamydia and the consequences when it goes undetected. An exhibit is available for display at conferences or meetings along with brochures, data reports, and the testing and treatment guidelines.

Please click the links to access the newly revised procedures manual for the Iowa Community-Based Screening Services program and the Chlamydia Screening Guide.

  1. 2018 Iowa Community-Based Screening Services Procedures Manual 
  2. Chlamydia Screening Guide

For more information about Iowa Community-Based Screening Services please contact Colleen Bornmueller, CBSS Coordinator, at or (515) 288-9028 Ext. 15.