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Why Myth-Busting Vaccination Fears is Trickier than you Might Think

David McNamee: Medical News Today

Myths regarding the safety of vaccines are a huge barrier to promoting immunization. However, a study in the journal Vaccine reports - perhaps counterintuitively - that correcting these myths may actually contribute to vaccine hesitancy among skeptical groups, rather than raising intent to vaccinate.

The researchers found that 43% of respondents said the belief that the flu vaccine can give you flu is either "somewhat accurate" or "very accurate."

World AIDS Day

By Lori Grisham: USA Today

It's World AIDS Day, a day started in 1988 to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and work to end the epidemic.

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a virus that attacks the body's immune system. HIV can progress into AIDS, the final state of the infection when the body is unable to fight disease or infection.

Here are seven facts about where things stand today:

Health Law Tempers New State Coverage Mandates

By Michelle Andrews - Kaiser Health News

For decades, states have set rules for health coverage through mandates, laws that require insurers to cover specific types of medical care or services. The health law contains provisions aimed at curbing this piecemeal approach to coverage. States, however, continue to pass new mandates, but with a twist: Now they’re adding language to sidestep the health law, making it tougher than ever for consumers to know whether they’re covered or not.