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Iowa Insurance Division's Outreach & Education on Health Exchange Begins Saturday 21, 2013

The Iowa Insurance Division announces the initial event of at least twenty community events scheduled across the state on the topic of the Health Insurance Marketplace. Topics will include an explanation of the Marketplace, otherwise known as the Exchange, how it works, how it can be accessed, and how to proceed in enrollment processes.

Droopy economy helps explain lagging birthrate in Iowa, U.S.

Tony Leys - DSM Register

Iowa’s economy is starting to rebound from the recession, but the state still lags in production of a key commodity: babies.

Iowa women gave birth to 38,686 babies last year, up a bit from 38,204 in 2011. But the total was still down more than 5 percent from the 40,835 Iowa babies born in 2007, the year before the economy went south.

In States That Don’t Expand Medicaid, Some Of The Uninsured May Still Get Help

Phil Galewitz - Kaiser Health News

Some of the millions of poor people expected to lose out on Obamacare coverage next year because their states are not expanding Medicaid might have a way to get help, but the strategy carries risk.

Experts say the key is for them to project their 2014 income to at least the federal poverty level, about $11,500 per person or $23,500 for a family of four.

Great News!

The Family Planning Council of Iowa has been awarded the Department of Health and Human Services Title X Family Planning grant to administer the Title X Family Planning Program for FY2014 – 2016 in 55 Iowa counties.  We look forward to continuing the work we’ve started with our Providers to ensure that all Iowans have access to quality, affordable family planning and reproductive health care services!  

Jodi Tomlonovic
Executive Director