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CMS Won’t Penalize Hospitals In States Slow To Expand Medicaid

Phil Galewitz - Kaiser Health News

That sigh of relief you heard Monday was from hospital administrators in nearly two dozen states, including Florida and Texas.

That’s because the Obama administration announced that for the next two years, it doesn’t plan to penalize states that have yet to expand Medicaid coverage under the federal health law by targeting them for reduced Medicaid funding, according to a proposed rule unveiled Monday. That money goes to  hospitals that treat large numbers of poor people.

President Obama "very comfortable" with FDA Decision

(AP) -- President Barack Obama said Thursday he was comfortable with his administration's decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anyone 15 and older.

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday had lowered the age at which people can buy the Plan B One-Step morning-after pill without a prescription to 15 - younger than the current limit of 17. The FDA decided that the pill could be sold on drugstore shelves near condoms, instead of locked behind pharmacy counters.

A Push for HPV Vaccinations

Sabrina Tabernise - NY Times

The government recommended years ago that all adolescent girls get a vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. But nearly seven years after it first came to market, an overwhelming majority of girls have yet to be inoculated.