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Coverage Denied: Medicaid Patients Suffer as Layers of Private Companies Profit

Kaiser Health News - Chad Terhune

Marcela Villa isn’t a big name in healthcare — but she played a crucial role in the lives of thousands of Medicaid patients in California. Her official title: denial nurse.

Each week, dozens of requests for treatment landed on her desk after preliminary rejections. Her job, with the assistance of a part-time medical director, was to conclusively determine whether the care — from doctor visits to cancer treatment — should be covered under the nation’s health insurance program for low-income Americans.

When Staying Healthy Depends on Whether You Can Get a Ride

PBS Newshour - Laura Santhanam

COAL RUN VILLAGE, Kentucky — Two hours before sunrise, Mike Steele locked the front door of his tan brick house and shuffled past the red rose bushes he planted with his wife. In the dark, he walked to the white 10-passenger van parked next to his home and climbed into the driver’s seat. On this Wednesday, the temperature hovered just above freezing. He turned his key in the ignition, cranked up the heat and drove. At 5 a.m., few lights shone inside his neighbors’ homes.

Hep C And Drug Abuse Often Go Hand In Hand, But Screening For Infection Lags

Kaiser Health News - Michelle Andrews

When people seek help at a drug treatment center for an opioid addiction, concerns about having contracted hepatitis C are generally low on their list.

They’ve often reached a crisis point in their lives, said Marie Sutton, the CEO of Imagine Hope, a consulting group that provides staff training and technical assistance to facilitate testing for the liver-damaging virus at more than 30 drug treatment centers in Georgia.