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New Study Shows - Chlamydia Doubled Ovarian Cancer Risk

Maggie Fox - NBC News

The most common sexually transmitted disease can double a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer, according to new research released Thursday.

Women who had chronic chlamydia infections had twice the risk of ovarian cancer compared to women with no evidence of ever having been infected, researchers are expected to report at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in April.

New Survey: Women’s Health Coverage at All Time High; Affordability & Access Challenges Remain

Kaiser Family Foundation

A new nationally-representative survey of women from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that coverage rates for women are at all-time highs and use of preventive services is on the rise, but many women still face a wide range of affordability and other access challenges. Conducted in the summer and fall of 2017, the survey provides a national overview of women’s health care coverage, access, affordability, and experiences among nonelderly women (ages 18 to 64) in the U.S.

HPV is Causing an Oral Cancer Epidemic in Men by Outwitting Natural Defenses

By Marie McCullough - Philadelphia Inquirer

Five years ago, when actor Michael Douglas candidly revealed that his throat cancer was linked to having oral sex, two things happened.

He made headlines that mortified his family. And he helped publicize the fact that a pervasive, sexually transmitted virus called HPV was unleashing an epidemic of oral cancer among men.