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Groups Sue over Trump Cuts to Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Jessie Hellmann - The Hill

Nine local government, health care and oversight organizations sued the Trump administration Thursday after it abruptly cut short grants aimed at ending teen pregnancy last year. The groups filed four lawsuits in federal courts in Washington state, Maryland and the District of Columbia challenging the administration for ending grants under the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program two years sooner than planned. The groups are represented by lawyers at Planned Parenthood, Democracy Forward, Public Citizen and Arnold & Porter. 

Grassley Calls For ‘Corrective Action’ On Abuses In Herpes Vaccine Research

Marisa Taylor - Kaiser Health News

WASHINGTON — A Republican senator is demanding that the Trump administration and a university scrutinize how a researcher was able to inject an experimental herpes vaccine into human subjects without routine safety oversight.

In letters sent out Thursday, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley also told the administration and Southern Illinois University that he wanted to be reassured that “corrective action” was being taken to prevent similar research abuses.

An Opioid Remedy That Works: Treat Pain And Addiction At The Same Time

John Daley -
Colorado Public Radio/Kaiser Health News

Seven years ago, Robert Kerley, who makes his living as a truck driver, was loading drywall when a gust of wind knocked him off the trailer. Kerley fell 14 feet and hurt his back.

For pain, a series of doctors prescribed him a variety of opioids: Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin.

In less than a year, the 45-year-old from Federal Heights, Colo., said he was hooked. “I spent most of my time high, laying on the couch, not doing nothing, falling asleep everywhere,” he said.

World AIDS Day 2017: 9 facts about HIV/AIDS everyone should know

April Hunt - Atlanta Journal Constitution

World AIDS Day has been designated every December 1 since 1988 as a way to draw awareness of the disease and mourn the 35 million people who have died from it.

The event has since shifted to focus on successes in the global fight against the disease and the importance of continuing these efforts for the 36.7 million worldwide who are living with HIV/AIDS.