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The State of HIV/AIDS Among Latinos in the United States and Puerto Rico

Daniel Leyva - Latino Commission on AIDS

Latinos/Hispanics continue to be the fastest growing minority population in the United States and are seriously impacted by HIV & AIDS.  The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) released The State of HIV & AIDS among Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and Puerto Rico. LCOA’s Research and Evaluation Department, led by David Garcia EdD, MPH, Principal Investigator, along with his team, developed this important brief, underscoring the most recent epidemiological data released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance Launches New Public Awareness Campaign Focusing on Lack of Understanding of Metastatic Breast Cancer

PRNewswire - Today, on National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 13, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance launches a new public awareness campaign to encourage people to spread the word about metastatic breast cancer on social media. The campaign, #MetastaticSayIt, aims to increase the public's understanding of the difference between early stage breast cancer and metastasis.

Administration Backs High Court Review of Contraception Case

Associated Press - NY Times

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is acknowledging that the Supreme Court should step into the latest battle over the president's health law.

At issue are claims from faith-affiliated charities, colleges and hospitals that object to rules allowing them to opt out of covering contraceptives for women who are part of their health plans.

The Justice Department says in a new court filing that the justices should resolve a dispute among lower courts.

Telemedicine Expands Despite Uncertain Financial Prospects

By Alex Smith, KCUR-Kaiser Health News

Say you’re a rural Midwestern farmer in bed recovering from a major illness at your local hospital. It’s time for nurse’s check in, but there’s no knock on the door.

At Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, just over the foot of the bed, a camera whirls around and a monitor lights up to show a smiling face with a headset on.

“Good afternoon, this is Jeff with SafeWatch. Just doing my afternoon rounds,” he said in this training exercise.